FF13-2 Serah.... Too Overdone?

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#1 NijiNoKanata on 6 years ago

Ever since playing the game, I've wanted to do FF13-2 Serah. But, the thing that is holding me back is whether or not she is too 'overdone'. (I have this thing where I just cannot cosplay as characters who you see 300+ times at a convention (it is really frustrating, I know!))

If I did do Serah at a con, would there be 300++ others? Or, with the release of FF13 LR, would there be more lightnings/luminas?

#2 lordofcrowns on 6 years ago

I think you'd be fine going as FFXIII-2 Serah. At conventions, most often I see a lot of Lightnings, from original to Returns, they're everywhere, and the Serahs are usually her original FFXIII costume. If you're worried about being stuck in the same FFXIII-2 outfit as another Serah cosplayer, I would suggest looking at some of her other costumes, rather than the default pink one. She has quite a few, and the main way people would recognize you as Serah would basically be because of her weapon and her hair anyways.


Hope this helped, good luck on your cosplay! :)

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