Looking For A Room (Friday & Saturday Night)

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#1 TerraRising on 5 years ago


I will be attending SDCC for Friday, Saturday and Sunday, but my original plans were scrapped on a couple of days ago. I'm looking for a room (the floor is more than fine) and a shower for Friday and Saturday nights. I will be bringing a cosplay with a modest prop for Saturday as well, if that is an issue.

Please reply or send me a message if you have a room, what your rates per day are and what sort of payment should I send?

#2 TerraRising on 5 years ago


#3 Amberleh on 5 years ago

Let me talk to my boyfriend and his brother and see if they wouldn't mind you staying with us. We are, however, staying in San Ysidro and NOT anywhere near the con center and will be driving in or taking the train in every day, so I'm not sure if that works for you. You would of course be welcome to ride with us 8)

As far as I know, unless the hotel decides to bump up the price, the total per night was around 139 or something per night (not per person, still need to work that out since people are staying different days) and we're staying Wednesday-Saturday night (checking out sunday morning). I have one friend who will be staying with us only one night and my boyfriend's brother is only staying friday and saturday night as well.

#4 TerraRising on 5 years ago

I sent you a private message. Thanks :)

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