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#1 viinasuneko on 6 years ago

hi to those who read this thread and thanks for your help!
here's the issue,
i really wanted to cosplay as taiwan from hetalia and this is going to be my first time cosplaying.
so as i have absolutely NO EXPERIENCE with buying cosplay online, i wanted to be sure which online website is safe to buy from with guaranteed good results (not perfect but satisfied).
so please please pleaseeee, someone help/save meeeeeeee~~~!!!!!
as it is going to be my first time cosplaying, i really want it to be a good experience and i'm currently dying of nervousness and confusion.....a mixture of a bunch of negative feelingsss!!! T^T

#2 Jei-Cos on 6 years ago

First thing first..CAlm down. It's not the end of the world or something..You are getting WAY too over serious here..It's a costume, you will be fine in anything..You will have a fun time in anything..

Now that you are calm (hopefully), look on places like ebay and other sites that sell cosplays. When you look on a site, you already know the site name (like McCostumes, EZCosplay, or something like that), then on ebay, they will have a company name on their photos, as well as a username on ebay to the top right of the ad. Then go here:
and run there name in the forum search. Check all the threads that mention them.
However, you can check both of the review threads to see if there are any there too, just click in the thread and use the same search thing. Look at the reviews. And rather than just seeing the grade given, also read the reviews. See if they are to your liking. Once you find one you like, that should be the one you order from.
For sizing and all that, we can't tell ya, so read the ad and see what they want.

#3 viinasuneko on 6 years ago

wow! i thought nobody would want to reply're so nice to post here!!
and thanks for your help!
i was over-reacting cause i never cosplay before and since it is my first time, i wanna do a good job on my first cosplay...
and thanks for your advice! it really helped!
i actually planned to buy my taiwan cosplay from or, but reviews on this 2 website are not really that helpful..
my friend did tell me to try taobao though. but i'm not sure....
more help pls?

#4 Jei-Cos on 6 years ago

Yea no problem lol I've answered this kinda thing before so it's nothing new. I have been real busy so I haven't posted much or been on much.

Anyway, don't worry about how well you do the first time. Everyones first time will be less amazing than their later times. You have a whole life to do amazing things, why start out as best as you can? Plus, buying a cosplay from a wholeseller, won't be your best cosplay anyway..So let that idea just go for now and focus on having fun rather than being awesome. People will recognize you and think you are awesome anyway..

As for those sites, I can't say much for the first one, but I know for a fact that hellocosplay steals images and I know where they get their prop photos. I have bought 5 cosplays through sites and ebay before, and all 5 were complete crap, so don't count on the cosplay alone. Taobao has some good sellers that are very reputable, but again, looking at the reviews is still a good idea. I don't know if you know what Taobao is, but it's not a seller. You more than likely are not going to find a review for Taobao. You will go to them and notice they have other people selling within. THOSE people will be who you look reviews up for.