Photographer accepting bookings!

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#1 ohniohn on 3 years ago

Hey Coscom, it's been a while! (:

If anyone is in need of a photographer for AUSA, I have a number of slots open over the weekend. You can see examples of my work at my [URL=""]Facebook page[/URL] (check the albums!), and all the details are listed on the [URL=""]Google form[/URL]. Any questions can be asked here, via Facebook message, or by emailing [email][email protected][/email]

Thank you for your time, and I really hope to work with you! (:

#2 ohniohn on 3 years ago

Quick bump to mention that Saturday morning and afternoon are now closed! There is still availability Friday, Saturday evening, and Sunday. (:

#3 ohniohn on 3 years ago

Final pre-con bump~ Saturday slots have been filled, but I still have availability for last-minute bookings on Friday and Sunday!