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#1 YunaNyuu on 5 years ago

Hello :)

I'm new here, my name is Sandra and I love anime/manga.
I made my own cosplay from my favourite anime, Elfen Lied. Character Nyuu/Lucy.
Whole album you can see on my fb fan site of Nyuu - [url]https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.823125554399929.1073741827.155639877815170&type=3[/url]

And this is my suit of Enma Ai from Hell Girl anime.

I tried to make more my own costumes, but I havent photos. So sometimes :)

Nyuu ^^

#2 nathancarter on 5 years ago

Are you looking for critique of the costumes, or of the photos? This section is for photo critique.

For critique of the costumes, try this section:

I'm assuming you're here for a critique of the costumes. So, while we're here, my opinions:
The artificial shininess of the pink wig could stand to be toned down; there's a technique to do this with liquid fabric softener but I can't give specific instructions.

And, for the purposes of costuming and photography, you need two or three times as much makeup as you think you need for daily wear. A proper makeup job can go a long, long way towards completing the costume, even for guys, especially if you expect to have photos done. Just putting on a little lip gloss and eyeliner simply won't cut it. Even if the character doesn't wear makeup, the character's no-makeup look is different than YOUR no-makeup look.

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