Fallout Vault Dweller for Fanboy Knoxville 2016

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#1 r3dm0h4wk1988 on 3 years ago

Hi there everyone,

First time poster and Cosplayer here.

So i want to go to Fanboy in knoxville next year and have always seen amazing pictures of people in costumes and decided that i wanted to do just that, Make a costume of my own.

Seeing that Fallout 4 has just released i thought what better than to do a vault dweller.
I've not played F4 as i dont have a system powerful enough to play it, but i loved fallout 3, Loved loved loved it, Definitely one of my most favorite games, in fact i'm probably going to buy it again soon just to play it.

So i've got 7 months to get this costume ready, That should be enough time right?

Trying to decide what to start with was the hardest part as i've never used EVA foam before but i'd watched a Ton of tutorials online!

So i decided to start simple and go with a shoulder pad/guard. I wanted my shoulder pad to be something a little different from the normal leather ones you see with other vault dweller costumes and decided that i was going to make a shoulder pad out of a route sign.

Route 1 to be precise as my wife stated i've actually been on that route.

So i set about on my EVA foam adventure, now sure this isn't an elaborate piece but i figured it was a good starting place to get used to the properties of the foam.


pretty much all i did was make a template on a piece of card and then transfer it to the foam. heated it to curve it the attacked it with a wood carving tool that i bought from walmart.

Once i made this i got a little more confidence in my abilities and decided to leap right in a try something a little more difficult and learn more as i go, so i was considering buying a pip boy for the costume but then found a ton of tutorials on Youtube on how to make one from foam And some even made from Foamboard.

Now considering this is my first real jump into foam work, do not expect this pip boy to be exactly screen accurate because simply put its not going to be.

So watching the tutorial on youtube i set about making my pip boy.


This part of the build, Well most of the build was just building layers upon layers trying to get the overal shape figured out.


Now i realized soon after this that i made the box part about 1/2" to big but didnt want to tear the whole thing apart so i just made it work. like i said first project EVER not going to be perfect, as long as people can tell by the end what its supposed to be i'm ok with the sizing being off.


So i added the screen, finishing the box off. added another layer for the rim of the screen.
That Blob of white in the right is 4 pieces of foam glued together and then shaped with the burning tool and then sealed with kwik seal to make the thing uniform.


So as you can see i built up some more layers, put in the "lights" they're just going to be painted to look like lights, then i attached another strap to look like the buckle and that little weird looking vent thing on the front.


I was considering actually making the slider a working piece but again i'm not that confident so opted for a solid piece instead.


Added some more minor detail and finished some more gap filling.

Then i added the screws and the knob on the left and this is where i call it pretty much done.


Right now i'm covering this thing in plasti-dip and running to the store to get a military green paint. more to come soon

#2 DOW234 on 3 years ago

although this is way over due the timeline and building time is long enough for you

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