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#1 MinuPurasuru on 4 years ago

So I'm attempting to start my first cosplay, as Yuna from Final Fantasy X. I don't have any prior experience with costume making.

First, I'm male so... I need help with pretty much everything related to hiding this fact.. What kind of makeup is best to use for cosplays like this? Whats the best way to do fake breasts? There's no visible cleavage so I'm assuming that helps make everything simpler.

Second, I need help deciding materials for most of the outfit. Yuna has 4 pieces of clothing that could give me trouble. The first is the Orange piece around her waist, (I think I've seen it referred to as an obi?) which I'm not really sure what material to use. I'm very uneducated as to what different types of materials there are, but currently my plan is to paint the pattern onto it, so i need a material that wont just absorb the paint.

The second piece is the Skirt, which I also plan on painting on the pattern. I think the material would have to be something that can hold the shape of wear the skirt folds.

There is the white piece of cloth that wraps around the back of her neck, crosses over her chest and lays under the obi, I was simply wondering what material is best used for that? I'm trying to emulate the wrinkles and such that can be seen on it, and how it almost seems to look... Old? I can't really think of a proper way to describe it

And the sleeves, which I'm not really sure how to do the gradient dye that seems to fade from a white color to a sort of pink or violet, and I'm not sure how to do that subtle change in color, nor am I sure which material would be best used.

I'm sorry for my complete lack of knowledge, like I said before, this is my first cosplay, and I'm not really educated about materials, or even designs for that matter (Is there a name for the way the skirt sort of folds every inch or two? I'm sure I've heard a name for that folding...) but I'm still going to try because I really love this character and want to give it my best effort... I don't have any major budget issues, I'm not severely low on money in general, and my next planned con is in October of 2016, so I have time to save up for anything necessary. If you have any other suggestions, that would be great, and thank you! :)

P.S. Being new to the forums, I was wondering what the easiest way to provide reference pictures is? Thanks! :)

#2 Sepceli on 4 years ago

I did a little research and found someone who painted on the fabric and provided a tutorial on youtube. I didn't spend much time looking into it but hopefully [URL=""]this[/URL] helps get you on the right track.