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#1 ~H~ on 4 years ago

Over the past several months I've noticed that my costumes aren't showing-up in the 'Latest Updates' list even when I add new photos. For example, earlier today (several hours ago actually) I added a new photo of my Tanuki costume to the website, but my costume ( [url][/url] ) has yet to register on the 'Latest Updates' feed.

Is there something more that I need to be doing in order to trigger to recognize that my costume has new photos/information?

Also, has anyone else noticed this?

#2 Admin on 4 years ago

It should automatically bump the costume up, but I also don't see yours as moving to the front after the photo upload. Quick question - did you add it to the costume during the actual upload process, or did you edit the photo info afterwards to add it to the costume?

#3 ~H~ on 4 years ago

I added it during the upload process (i.e., I checked the box for my Tanuki costume during the upload). Thank you for looking into this!

#4 ~H~ on 4 years ago

Any progress yet? Please let me know if you need any further info, or if there's something I can do to help.

#5 Admin on 4 years ago

Actually, can you please try to upload a new photo into the costume? Even if it's unrelated to the costume and then you can move it over to the proper costume afterwards, it'd test to see if it was just a one-time glitch. I haven't found anything causing it in the code yet and it's the first I've seen it reported, so I'm at a loss for why it happened. :)

#6 ~H~ on 4 years ago

Sorry for the wait, I just got a new computer and have been trying to get everything up and running again ^_^. I've uploaded a new photo to the Tanuki album.

#7 Admin on 4 years ago

Looks like it worked, so it might have just been something random. If it happens again please let me know.

#8 ~H~ on 4 years ago

Thanks so much!

#9 ~H~ on 4 years ago

Sorry for the trouble...but it looks like it's happening again >_<.

I updated my shiny Silcoon gijinka costume with a photograph a few hours ago, and it still hasn't shown-up in the 'Latest Updates'.

Here's a link to the costume: [url][/url]

#10 Admin on 4 years ago

That's really odd, thanks for letting me know. So far you're the only one I've seen it happen to, I'll jump through the code again and see if something account-related is causing it.

#11 ~H~ on 4 years ago

Thanks so much for the help!

#12 ~H~ on 4 years ago

Would it help if I tried to upload again?

#13 Admin on 4 years ago

If you could do that and see if it fixes it again like last time, I would appreciate it. That way I can compare the two uploads.

#14 ~H~ on 4 years ago

Done ^_^.