Official Room Find Thread?

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#1 Gabbyv23 on 4 years ago

I just thought it would be easier if everyone looking for roomies posted in the same thread.
It's really getting down to the wire here ;;

#2 SamuraiSnake on 4 years ago

I need a room for me and my girlfriend. Anyone have two spaces available?

#3 ChampagnSupNova on 4 years ago

Looking for a room myself. Male, 26 y/o 2 cosplays. Boris from HnKnAlice. Just looking for a place to sleep and change. Not going crazy for parties in the room. :)

#4 dammit_mychael on 4 years ago

My best friend and I have a room booked at the Anatole from Thursday (June 4th) thru Sunday (June 7th) and we're looking for a couple of roommates to share the room with. (Preferably 21+)
We're very chill and laid back. Also cosplayers. We're not a party room or anything.
But if you're interested please get in contact with me at [email][email protected][/email] for more details!!!

#5 MahouSpirit on 4 years ago

Since AX more than likely won't be happening now, joining my friend for A-kon. She needs 3 more people and the room is for Thurs-Tuesday. The room is at the Hilton (con hotel) and the fee varies. Its under $100 for two nights or one night.

PM me for full details.