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#1 CaitieJune on 5 years ago


I was wondering if anybody has done or know someone that has made or cosplayed as Fran from Final Fantasy XII! That's been a dream of mine for quite some time. I was looking for some advice & tips from experienced FF cosplayers. I've cosplayed a couple of times but I have never really made anything. I realized this is a very complex project to start on but I'm pretty excited.

Although I honestly don't even know where to begin. What material do I use for armor? How can I make the ears? Any help at all is much appreciated!






#2 Silica on 5 years ago

Link to how to make Fran's ears--->>[url][/url]

#3 CaitieJune on 5 years ago

[QUOTE=Silica;4974574]Link to how to make Fran's ears--->>[url][/url][/QUOTE]

Thank you!

#4 LittleBlondGoth on 5 years ago

Hi, I'm the Fran in the second of your links! What would you like to know?

I made my Fran out of 2mm craft foam for the armour, coated in PVA then finished off with Rub n Buff to make it look like leather. The pieces join together with Velcro - generally using a covering piece to hide the seams. They also gave elastic running round the inside to hold them up... Some people attach them to tights, but is didn't want to do that.

The corset is one I found on eBay, then modified. The middle panel was removed and replaced with organza. I made 4-in-1 real chainmail to cover it, with more foam armour for the skirt.

Ears were cardboard covered in furry (but not too furry) fabric, coloured in with a sharpie. Started out attaching them to a headband, but moved over to rare earth magnets on the bottom and in the wig.