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#1 Sommore on 5 years ago

So I had a photographer friend go out with me for my first photoshoot, she shot the photos for me. I totally thought being good friends would help me relax, but I was wrong lol. I felt so awkward and really had no idea what I really should be doing with my body, even after watching vids and all that. I liked a few but think I am going to see how good of a photographer my fiance is, definitely more comfortable with him.

Anywayyss here is a couple of photos i dr'd that she took


Let me know what you think and any help would be sweet as well


#2 Taemi-chan on 5 years ago

I know that simply being in front of the camera can be crazy enough. Have you done other photoshoots before or is this your first one? I would simply recommend trying a few more, I was really shy and didn't know what to do at all. But working with a good photographer they will guide you and tell you what they think will work best. So that will help over time.

#3 Bambipie on 4 years ago

Maybe try practicing poses in front of mirror. The photographer should also guide you and get the best angle too. It is a two way relationship. Try one pose and make subtle changes to it before moving onto the next big pose.

#4 Tigerpaws on 4 years ago

If the photographer isn't giving you any guidance, then the photographer should also be asking for help. The photographer-model relationship is very important and if something comfortable can't be established, then the photos won't turn out well. You should definitely research poses, practice poses, but the photographer should also help you out. Ask the photographers you work with for advice on what they would like from you as well.