How to make a comic character steampunk.

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#1 Etherean on 4 years ago

So I'm planning on going to MTAC next year and really wanna make a Steampunk version of Mistress Death from Deadpool but I have absolutely no references. I've never seen a picture of someone else doing this cosplay (which I must say is part of the reason I'm so into making it) I'm really not sure exactly how to do it because she wears a cloak and I'm not sure whether I should keep it or go with a mini top hat instead?[IMG][/IMG]

#2 Emmejo on 4 years ago

Based on your ref picture, since I don't know the character, I think I'd make a hoodless cloak and add a hat. The bodice is quite steampunk as is (particularly the darker, punkier side of steampunk), maybe adding an underbust corset or swiss waist/waspie. Moving the decorations on the skirt strips to a hip-slung utility belt might work well, or even, to keep the pattern, a pair of criss-crossed belts reaching from each hip around to the other thigh? It's a little punk, with an echo of bondage clothing, but I think in the right material, and grunged up a bit, it could fit the steam as well.

Masks are pretty popular in steampunk as well, so maybe doing that instead of facepaint?

#3 Etherean on 4 years ago

Thank you for the tips! I'd still like to go with the Day of the Dead facepaint but I was thinking of making the circles around the eyes cog shaped and some other changes to make it look more steampunk. ^_^

#4 viridiean_vi on 4 years ago

It may also help to look at fashion plates for whichever year of Victorian your steampunk is based on. You can find scans of Harper's Bazar or Godey Ladies Book issues from 1840-1900 that may help. These will usually include accessories that you may not see commonly that can be made steampunk style with decoration. An hourglass would make a good accessory for mistress death, so maybe have one that can be attached to a belt? I'd stay with the cloak because its an essential part of her costume, it may be hard to tell which character she is without it. Though you could always adjust it and make it elbow length instead of full length like a lot of ladies cloaks and capes of the day.