ALA 2017 My Hero Academia Gathering

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#1 staryeyecosplay on 2 years ago

So, to my surprise, nobody has posted up a gathering for My Hero Academia so I'm just going to go for it and host it myself with my friend. I was thinking of hosting one on Saturday and one on Sunday to allow opportunity for those who can only make it one but of course any feedback is always helpful! If and once I get feedback, I will make the Facebook event page so you guys can get updates and whatnot! :)

#2 Seismogenic on 2 years ago

Right on! If you really do two of these, I'll be able to make it to one of them for sure! (Well, if I finish Iida in time, but I have a few months...)

#3 Tisheriffic on 2 years ago

Please make one on Sunday for sure, I tempted to be school uniform Tsuyu that day!

#4 tupactherobot on 2 years ago

I'll be doing Aizawa, can't wait for it!