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#1 spaghenti on 1 year ago

Howdy y'all! I figured I'd make a thread for posting progress on my cosplay for Sidon. Let's see how it goes!

The two main purposes for this thread is progress updates and your interaction. I'll post a set of steps for this project, so any feedback, tips, or thoughts would be much appreciated! Feel free to contact me for other Zelda stoof.

If ya ain't know who Sidon is yet, there HE BE


Right now I'm working on understanding his design and then looking at what materials and engineering I need to determine. Here's the first step towards this cosplay: le head thing.


There's a posting of a Queen Rutela on this site that gave me great insight on how to do the shark tail where it's layers of foam.


More to come! Feel free to post whichever!