Mystic Messenger

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#1 ZyllisZu on 2 years ago

[CENTER]Any Mystic Messenger Cosplayers here? If so, what character you plan to cosplay as from it. [/CENTER]

#2 TMLiza on 2 years ago

I've done MC(all versions but pony technically) and I've done fem. Seven. :) I'm working on an updated MC to go with my friend's Yoosung.

#3 Shinya100 on 2 years ago

I've cosplayed Zen and MC to a con with my friend as Jumin and 707. Planning to cosplay Jumin to Katsucon (my next con)

#4 hibyefelicia on 2 years ago

I'm going as 707 at this year's Tokyo in Tulsa. I'm going to be in a panel and I'm really, really excited about it!

#5 Diushtk on 2 years ago

I am currently trying to find costumes for my 707(possibly going to be genderbend?) and MC cosplay~