Help with Nancy Drew Cosplay

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#1 Miss Pink on 2 years ago

I want to put together a Nancy Drew cosplay, the only problem is there isn't really a specific look that people instantly recognize as "Nancy Drew". So I'd like some help from all of you creative people on some creative and unique ways that I can pull this off.

As a note, I'm going for the classic 50's/60's, not the modern movie adaptation.

I have a 50's style dress, it's red, and I'll need to style a wig (my hair is long and is currently dark amber red). Otherwise I figure I would carry around a magnifier glass and one of the books.

Anyone have any further suggestions?

#2 gypsy_girl on 2 years ago

Seems like you have a really good start. Accessories will help sell the costumes. I like what you've mentioned so far. A head band perhaps? Depending on the quality/style of the dress a cardigan would go really well. Don't forget about appropriately vintage styled shoes. A Google image search can help give you ideas. I'm looking forward to seeing your finished look. Very cool idea.

#3 Indiana Jolly on 2 years ago

I gave it some thought, and yes I agree that's a hard look to pull off to be instantly recognized. But then I had an idea, and did a search. Believe it or not, they actually have Nancy Drew Fabrics out there that have images from various Nancy Drew Novel cover arts. Mostly people seem to be using it for crafty things. (Quilts, Pillows, Purses, etc.) -but I don't see why it couldn't be used to make a basic 1950's style dress! then you can accessorize it with a belt, shoes, maybe satin gloves, headband with your wig, and purse with easily accessible magnifying glass! It would be an eye-catcher for sure, and if people didn't get it right away, they'd probably guess it after seeing the pattern on the dress.
Just an idea.