Subtle comments about you losing weight?

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#1 Emi Hana on 2 years ago

This is mostly for fun, but I have a question. My mom had come over last night and noticed that I rarely wear a 2X Dress she got for me when she and my dad visited Hawaii. I told her it was a pretty dress, and I'd wear it more often, but it's too big on me.

She told me that - to paraphrase, "it's a good problem."

That was about as close as I was going to get a compliment from her right at that moment - as we're currently bickering over scale issues. So I ask you guy, what's the best subtle comment(s) you've been told because you've lost weight?

To my mom, the best complaint she can hear is that something is too big for me rather than something is too small. What about you guys?

#2 Slapthefatcat on 2 years ago

The best subtle comments I've gotten were when my parents buy me clothes for my bday or Christmas and it's a different size than the usual. AND THEN IT FITS!