Krampus ( 2015 )

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#1 TheRealKrampus on 3 years ago

Hello everybody! I'm new here and am working on my new Krampus costume. I'm looking for some help with it, but particularly the hands. I am thinking on the best ways to make the hand/finger extensions that actor Luke Hawker wore when playing the Shadow of St. Nicholas himself. My main problem is my hand size, which is relatively small. I've been talking to someone who said they would make them for me, but I haven't heard from them in a while. I need them by the end of November and I am thinking of just making them myself. I've been thinking of going the silicone glove/sleeve route. If anybody on here has a good tutorial on how to make gloves of these type, as well as the articulated finger extensions, or even an easier way to make a high quality monster glove, I would be eternally grateful.