Solo people meetups?

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#1 CS3 on 3 years ago

No one hosting one of those again? I remember years ago when some on here had a GroupMe thing posted and had their own page. I'd be interested because I have a feeling a friend of mine is going to bail at the last minute. I already got my plane ticket, badge, hotel so I might just stick with it and go.

#2 NeoStrayCat on 3 years ago

Well, I'm not sure how this'll work, besides, this year, most of the people I know (except one, who's a CA local) are either busy elsewhere or in another state and too far from here. Much so that I'm going to the con "solo", lol.

Either way, if you want to work something out, let me know if you want, but be aware that I'll have to check the program guide if anything conflicts with where I have to go, lol. (Though I may have to change my mind on this at the last minute, but I'll see if this is do-able for me.)

#3 CS3 on 3 years ago

I wouldn't know for sure until the week of the con. I figure I'd start looking around and asking in case friend bails.

#4 epicaz on 3 years ago

I hope so! This is my first year going, and it would help to meet some fun people to hang around for the con days I'm going.

#5 DiscoGlacier on 3 years ago

I've been to one in the first year I've attended AX. It was a pretty bad experience of being accused of dine-and-dashing, and pissing off an anime fan when I told him that I spoiled Madoka Magica for myself before watching it.

#6 CS3 on 3 years ago

The one I went to for another con had about a dozen people going to join and then no one showed up. I guess these things just not meant to be.

#7 NeoStrayCat on 3 years ago

That doesn't mean there's still time to do one when AX comes around, there's only a couple days to go. I'd still go with it if there's plenty of time to do so. (Unless otherwise noted.)

#8 DiscoGlacier on 3 years ago

I'd be up for one, but my schedule is packed with cosplay gatherings (and movies on Day 0). Day -1 would be open for me, but obviously that won't be an option for anyone else.

#9 iSketcher on 3 years ago

Ooo, honestly, I'm so down to meet up. How do these work, we all meet up and we pick and choose a buddy to hang with at con? Or we all hang out with everyone meeting up? To be honest, I wanna hang with someone and I usually browse these kinda threads, but the things that stop me are:

- I hate hanging in big groups.
- The person I hang with may not have the same interests as me. (What do we talk about? lol)
- They might be too awkward/quiet for me. (no offense i'm so sorryyy i'm an extrovert)
- They might turn out to be one of those creeps that expect me to become their girlfriend or something. (sorry idk i met a lot of weirdos when it comes to anime people)
- I will agree to hang with them but end up not liking them.
- Our schedules will conflict too much.
- Or if they have nothing to do, I might feel bad that I'm dragging them around wherever I go.
- What if I tell someone that I'll hang out with them because they're lonely and need a friend, and it turns out that they're way younger than me THAT WOULD BE SO AWKWARD AAAAHHH

After reading all this, it's probably easier to say that I should just not hang with anyone in the first place. But to be perfectly honest, I hate being alone at cons. I gotta hang with someone, but it has to be like... the right kinda person. x_X rippp sorry i sound rude idk

#10 NeoStrayCat on 3 years ago

Nah, that's fine iSketcher, lol. I get all the points across. Either way, I did this before last year, someone wanted to hang out and walk around. And we did, it was just a group of 3 with me and two other users here.

We took it with PM's and exchanged phone #'s just in case were we at. It worked out, though only just for a while, lol.

#11 Stormlord on 3 years ago

I go with friends but I hang out at the con alone most of the time so i'd be down to meet up!! I think we should gather together and just hang for a while. Good chance to make some new friends!! We should decide a place and time soon. AX this weekended! (Maybe even make a FB event page to keep track better)

#12 Stormlord on 3 years ago

I can be pretty extroverted haha Maybe we will get to hang out or something. And i'm 25, hope i'm too old lol