Losing Tummy fat?

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#1 AidenCosu on 3 years ago

Hey all, I want to lose my flab in my stomach area... help? I know n:)othing about fitness

#2 micro-babe on 3 years ago

From what I understand, you can't target where you lose weight. You just lose the weight you lose. For example I lose weight in my stomach first but my legs stay relatively the same size. It might be the opposite for someone else.

I'd just start with a good diet and an exercise routine. When I'm trying to lose weight, I go for a vegetarian, mostly plant based diet and try to cut soda out as much as I can (which is super hard for me tbh). If you can't eat just vegetarian for whatever reason, try eating lean meats. Things like fish and chicken are really good for you, depending on how it's prepared.

As for working out, I try and force myself to at least go on a walk for an hour or two. If you're going for walks or runs, go outside. For me, it forces me to finish. On a treadmill, you can stop any time, If you're jogging around your neighborhood, you gotta get home somehow.

If you lack motivation, I suggest trying out a sport. I'm a fencer and in addition to having fun while working out, I found myself working out on my own to get better in tournaments. I have a lot of advice if you want to pick up fencing. I also used to do martial arts as a kid and it kind of had the same effect. Both of these sports are easy to pick up no matter what age you are.

Keep in mind, I'm also not an expert and I grew up relatively unhealthy in terms of diet and exercise so all of my advice is what works for me specifically.

#3 Dictamnus Albus on 3 years ago

dropping soda habit is huge (that includes "energy" drinks too)
just 3-4 12oz cans per day, is more than half your daily calories

personally i switched to drinking instant juice ie, crystal light (i drink generic great value)
but stay away from countrytime, and koolaid, or anything that has you adding sugar
and i have no "cravings" for soda, ive gone months w/o, and ive had 2-3 cans in a month
the idea is just to keep it to a minimum, not your main beverage intake

cutting carbs helps too, with minimal carb intake, it forces your body
to use stored fats for energy

the lowest impact highest yield exercises are those that activate
the most large cluster muscles
so exercises like dance, tai-chi/yoga, climbing and virtually any martial arts training

its not about strain like muscle building, but making the muscles work
and raising the heartrate, making your body use more resources

the more of your body that starts using more resources than when at rest
the more effective the workout

eventually your body gets used to the new level of activity
but as long as you maintain the same food intake or decrease it to an apropiate level
(assuming intake was "neutral" to start, not gaining or losing)
you will start losing "size", weight might stay same or go up if your building muscle
around the same rate as fat lose

one thing that gets over looked, is that long term medications can get stored in fat too
so if you are/were on antidepressants or such, you want to lose fat
at a "normal slow" rate
so like goal of ~2lbs per month normal, rather than an emergency plan
like popularized on "the biggest loser"

#4 micro-babe on 3 years ago

[QUOTE=Dictamnus Albus;5054241]dropping soda habit is huge (that includes "energy" drinks too)
just 3-4 12oz cans per day, is more than half your daily calories


Energy drinks are so frickin bad for you, man. I'd rarely even bring them to tournaments. And those are like...ten hours of mostly exercise. Seriously. Stay away from energy drinks. I definitely don't drink them when doing a regular workout.

#5 Ashton_Anchors on 3 years ago

Seconding getting rid of soda, but also get rid of cookies/cakes/pies/ice cream, and don't keep them around. The second is a no brainer, but it easy to fall into the habit of eating dessert foods like those, or giving into them more than you should.
I am also seconding that fat is lost where it feels like. I am still in the annoying process of losing it myself (and I need to lose a lot), and while I've lost 30 pounds, it's mostly in the upper half of my body. I've lost 7 inches up there, verses maybe 4 at the most in my belly, and it is averaging about 2 pounds a week. So it does go, just not where we want it. It sucks, but the body does what it wants.
As for what I do, I walk 2.5 miles a day (I need to increase this, it isn't burning as much anymore), keep an eye on calories, and I do not allow myself any drinks with calories. I should allow juice, but we haven't had any around the house. I've been drinking diet pop (which I need to stop, tbh), water, ice (the flavored water), and the zero versions of vitamin water. And I haven't been eating desserts on the whole (maybe once every week at best, and that is if my calories are low enough.

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