Glowing prop suggestions!

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  • Hello! I don't know if this goes here or in props, but whatever!
    My girlfriend wants to do a glowing prop, with leds and all that stuff, but we just don't know WHAT to do. Besides lightsabers because we have done a few.
    We know how to work with resistors, diodes, leds, and blah blah, so we can make whatever you want!
    So, if you want to see your dream prop with light(?) this is the chance!
    thank you! :D

  • A standard option would be Red's Transistor from the game of the same name. I think a more ambitious project would be Shulk's Monado with actual changing lights from Xenoblade Chronicles; I've seen it with some lights but making them change and possibly even the symbol change would be really impressive.

    I guess if you wanted to get real crazy you could try something like the Pyro's [URL=""]Neon Annihilator[/URL] from TF2, can't say I've ever seen that one with lights before and it'd be like 50% lights. Seeing one where the Chinese text flickers like it's damaged would be really cool. There's also the blaster's from the final fight of Undertale (spoilers if you haven't beaten the game yet?) that I think may be called Chaos Busters, they light up all rainbow before they fire which would look cool especially if you could also have audio effects along with it.

    That's all that comes to mind right now as really light-heavy stuff but if I think of more I'll post it.

  • You could try the Yugioh Arc-V (Arc Five) duel disks; they're pretty simple. The best part is that there are many variations in color, design etc. Crafting the base should be simple enough, I'm actually contemplating doing it myself. You could do Sailor Venus' weapon, with the whip-like hearts wrapped around her. I feel kinda bad I can't provide more ideas, I don't really tinker with props let alone make them myself, but other then the Star Wars light saber that you already mentioned that's all I have but I hope it helps :D