Does cosplay involve all arts?

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#16 KittyAngel on 2 years ago

[QUOTE=gypsy_girl;5065217]I have some additions,

Jewelry making

But you are correct, we are jack of all trades.[/QUOTE]

That's the absolute beautiful thing about cosplay, in general. It's "wearable art". Not to mention, of course, you have a little taste of what designers of regular clothing go through. From the idea/sketching phase, material shopping phase, the work-in-progress phase, and lastly the finishing touches/finished phase.

Mind you, I do art as my chosen career and I always like a challenge. So for me, cosplay gives me that challenge by replicating my favorite characters and their props/accessories. Luckily, only one costume defeated me, but I feel that I've gotten stronger not only in my sewing, but my learning process as well. I'm not a professional seamstress pursue, but at least I've got some decent skill underneath my belt, art wise.

I'm in the process of doing Sergeant Calhoun from Wreck It Ralph. This will be my very first time doing literally [U]any[/U] type of LED lights, much less solid armor. So I'm going to add these to the list in terms of LED lights:

Armor making (with and without LED lights)

The fact that the cosplays can be enhanced by adding the LED lights makes it even more grand. Don't get me started on the armor making, especially with the character Erza Scarlet from Fairy Tail. The last thing I want to add to the list is this:

Mascot Characters

Let's not forget about the ones who create animal characters, whether original character or from "insert series/show here", they're just as much as part of the cosplay community because it takes extreme skill of making those types of suits and have experience with fur. So again, even though some people have good experiences and other people bad experiences with furries , never disregard them in terms of the community as a whole:toothy: