Controversial Cosplay Question

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#1 Springwater on 2 years ago

I was wondering what people think of the cosplay I am planning on doing. I was thinking of doing a Ugandan knuckles cosplay. I know some people hate it though.

Personally, I view it as offensive as hetalia, i.e. not really.

I am just worried how others might react to it. I handle confrontation really badly, so I dont want anyone coming up to me and start arguing.

What would you think/do if you saw me as this cosplay at a convention?

#2 Angel Tear on 2 years ago

At the end of the day it's just another depiction of Knuckles - it's not all that different than cosplaying his Sonic Boom version, or any other depiction we may have seen.

I've been trying to go back and check the history and origin of this meme, trying to decide if the avatar was someone messing around on VR Chat or if this version of Knuckles was created with the whole Ugandan thing in mind but I haven't managed to come up with anything concrete, it seems to be the merging of two occurrences on two separate videos?

Personally, I think the design is very cute (It reminds me of regular Reaper and the small chibified version which is insinuating that he's regenerating. Or Groot/Baby Groot, Nendoroids or Funko Pops which capitalise on the idea of making something small and out of proportion) and therefore I wouldn't mind someone cosplaying it.
However I would strongly advise removing 'knowing da wae' and the clicking from the table and don't do it in public in case you do upset someone. If anyone asks, just tell them that you enjoyed his squat new form and leave it at that.

If you're aiming to go full on 'Ugandan' then it'll be harder to get around the confrontation. I know that Knuckles and his people have a very tribal aesthetic surrounding them, but Knuckles himself doesn't dress in the attire of his people like Tikal for example.

Everyone has a different threshold for these things, and whereas I know actual Ugandan people who think its amusing, others may not and you do have to be prepared for some backlash or other people initiating things associated with the meme around you - those people could also upset others too depending on how loud they are.

Another idea would be to keep it as an idea for a Halloween party? It would probably be old news then and it's losing traction as a meme already.
I suppose you have to ask yourself why you want to make it and is it just an impulsive desire to make it. Could the money making this be better spent on something else you want to do even more?

Sorry I can't give a clear yes or no answer and for playing devils advocate a bit. I know that this is just a hobby to have fun but I also don't want any harm to come to you for enjoying it in your own way.

#3 Scunosi on 2 years ago

Angel Tear makes a ton of excellent points I think you should really consider. It's already an old meme that was way overdone online to the point people have been sick of it for a while; by the time you finish the costume will anyone still actually enjoy it or will it just come off as cringey and offensive?

Plus if you're someone who can't handle confrontation why would you even consider what could be considered by some one of the most offensive cosplays of the past year? It just seems like a really bad idea to me. If you want to do Knuckles do Knuckles, but don't do the tacky minstrel show version of him.

Now I understand you may not even want to do "Ugandan" Knuckles and just do "fat" Knuckles instead (like he was originally, the artist didn't do any of that "Ugandan" stuff) but at this point the association is too strong to be able to feign ignorance of it. You could possibly just make the costume and do the singing bit from the original video but that seems like a lot of having to defend yourself for a gag costume. And even if you try to distance yourself from that aspect of it the most common reaction you're going to get is people yelling "Do u kno da wae" at you from across the room, so you're going to be associated with it whether you like it or not.

So yeah, I think it's a bad idea for anything other than maybe a tacky Halloween costume.

#4 Springwater on 2 years ago

Thanks everyone. You both brought up some good points. I will think of someone else to be.