Need help with claws for my gloves.

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#1 SSJ3MJ on 1 year ago

I recently got these claws from Etsy for my Overwatch Reaper gloves and Im using a super strong adhesive to keep them on. However, on each glove I only glued the pinky, ring, and middle fingers on. I realized that if I glue all the claws on Im going to have a hard time taking my gloves on and off without the use of my thumb and pointer finger and I will be going to my con alone.

So I need something that can help keep the claws on my thumb and pointer finger secure but easily remove so that I can take it off myself and when I need to reach for something in my pocket. Magnets are the only thing I can think of.

#2 Midnight Dawn on 1 year ago

I'd suggest putting a ring on it that just fits on the tip of your thumb and index finger. No need to over complicate more then it needs to be.

#3 SSJ3MJ on 1 year ago

Oh yeah. Don't know why I didn't think oh that. Just need to get the right kind of rings that will fit.