Painting fabric...?

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#1 RisinOtaku on 2 years ago

Hello! I have what is probably an incredibly dumb question seeing as I have technically done this before but in a different way (and I think with a completely different brand of paint);

How do I properly wash t-shirt fabric that's decorated with acrylic paint?

The paint I have is FolkArt Multi-Surface Acrylic Paint (on the front of the label, it says "Indoor/Outdoor use, dishwasher safe"), and it does say it can be used on fabric, but it doesn't give any kind of washing instructions (which I'm assuming means they didn't mean fabrics you intend to wash).

I did use acrylic paint for the logo on my Aquabats rashguard (though with that, I painted a piece of felt and used it as a patch), and I have successfully cleaned that by handwashing it with dish soap (or a natural soap bar if that's what was available) with no issues, but that's also made of a fabric that MUST be hand washed if you don't want to risk ruining it (yay for lyrca!). What I'm needing to make now is just a t-shirt I need to paint. I'd use fabric paint, but I need very specific shades of the colors I intend to use that I can't find in fabric paint. Trust me, I've checked every Walmart and craft store within a 30-mile radius for them, but the only one I can find that's the right shade is black. I don't like buying any kind of paint online because I can't gauge the color properly. And I can't mix them to get the right shades either.

Yes, I know you can get a medium/textile to mix with paint to make it work for fabric, but I'm wanting to know about using acrylic paint, that states it can be used for fabric, without mixing it with a medium/textile. I've already got some scraps of the fabric with paint on them to use to test things, I just want to know if anyone has tips or advice. Thank you!

#2 Penlowe on 1 year ago

[QUOTE]How do I properly wash t-shirt fabric that's decorated with acrylic paint?[/QUOTE]
Go to the paint manufacturers website. While it isn't on the bottle due to space available, it will be on the website.

What fabric medium does is less about how the fabric can be washed and more about the flexibility and thus life of the paint on the fabric. Yes you can use ordinary acrylics straight on tee shirts and it won't immediately wash out. BUT it will be stiff and crack over time. Depending on your paint skill, it might wind up so stiff that it is uncomfortable to wear. Paints with fabric medium in them generally are intended to be washed and dried in a machine with normal detergent. But always check with the manufacturer.