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#1 amjl81 on 1 year ago

It's been years, and I means YEARS since I cosplayed (try over 8 years) and almost as long to watch an anime. I did recently purchase and watch an anime about ten months ago that a friend suggested and I loved it. I use to go to Anime Conventions every year if not several times a year, so this is my way of getting back into the mode of things.

About me.
I make my own patterns if I don't find it. I NEVER use nylon, rayon, polyester, ever. Unless requested. Spandex (including mixed), cotton, broadcloth, and cotton blend are my go to. As are sheer, satin, brocade. I live in Arizona so when I cosplayed it had to be light weight and breathable.
I upcycle.
I make jewelry.
I can look at a pattern and figure out how to make it.
My cosplays have never had an issue, neither for myself or for commissions.

When I did conventions I brought my sewing machine and carried around needle and thread to fix up ripped costumes and even clothing.

Besides Lolita dresses (of which I make as well) I make all my own cosplays.

My cosplays include (and yes I know these are older animes/comics):
Jean Grey X-Men (the green body suit with gold accents from comic)
Gold ball gown Belle (before the new movie came out)
Kurenai from Naruto (that was a puzzle!)
Bulma from Dragon Ball
Sayaigirl (Videl) from Dragon Ball Z
Kurama from YuYu Hakusho (ended up with a fangirl with that one)
Lulu Final Fantasy X
Genkai from YuYu Hakusho (for my mom yet she never wore it)
Aeris Final Fantasy 7
Eric from Little Mermaid
Kakashi from Naruto
Rogue from X-Men (comic)
Goku from Dragon Ball
Generic Kingdom Hearts black cloak with scythe

None Anime/Comics/Manga
Renaissance attire, both male and female dress
Viking warrior
Various forms of dresses (Pagan, ball gown, prom)
Scots attire including kilt
Poet shirt

There may be others but right now I cannot think of any more.

Message me for my phone number and email address or to view pictures.