Mei Hatsume Hair

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#1 PsychoPsally on 1 year ago

So to jump right into it, I'm wanting to cosplay as Hatsume from My Hero Academia. Before I bite off more than I can chew I want to figure out if I can even make the hair into something that looks great.
To me, her hair most closely resembles dreadlocks which I actually have a lot of experience with. (Doing my own hair and synthetic dread falls).
So far I've come up with two ways to do this:
*Make synthetic dread falls (which can be quite time consuming and difficult to attach with my current hair cut)
*Use a pink wig and make dreadlocks as if it were an actual head of hair. My concern with this method is that a wig would be too thin.

Has anyone ever succeeded with similar methods or possibly have other suggestions?
Thank you!

TL;DR: Trying to make a Hatsume wig with synthetic hair.

#2 Scunosi on 1 year ago

Other than making dreads whatever the usual way is (I don't have or make them myself) there are other ways to make more stylized dreads. I'd look up some Lucio wigs from Overwatch; more than one person has used foam for his pool-noodle-sized dreads. There's plenty of awesome-looking [URL=""]foam wigs[/URL] out there that may inspire you. There's also [URL=""]this [/URL]tutorial which kind of merges the two methods.

I feel like I've seen this hairstyle on another anime character before (or maybe a Danganronpa one?) but can't remember who it was. I'd definitely research other characters with similar styles though since you'd be more likely to find a tutorial for an older character than a newer one.