Ironman Bleeding Edge Armor Cosplay

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#1 TreyPylon on 1 year ago

This has been a project, years in the making. In fact I started on it in 2012. But I finally have all the pieces of the puzzle figured out and have begun to asssemble my first ever cosplay costume!

And my first attempt at cosplay is.... the Iron Man Bleeding Edge Armor!!! Not the one from Avengers: Infinity Wars, but the comics. LOL

I have gathered the first components of the suit, which is a functioning ARC Reactor to power the various lights and sounds of the costume. It will be comprised of a 6A LiPo battery, a Lilypad Simple Power Board, a Lilypad Main Board, a 3D Printed ARC Reactor Kit, lots of Lilypad LEDs and a bit of wiring. The 6A LiPo is a lot of power, as some friends have suggested, but I plan to have many, many lights in this costume. As well as sensors and sound effects, which all means power.

I hope to wire this thing up soon and have it ready to show off to people.

Then the real fun will be..... :skidude2: