If you could create cosplay specific makeup

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#1 Nyxiie on 3 years ago

If you could change or create one thing in makeup to make it more cosplayer friendly or something specific to cosplayers needs what would it be?

Basically, what do you feel is lacking in the makeup industry that could be more beneficial to cosplayers?

#2 CapsuleCorp on 3 years ago

Theatrical and movie makeup has already pretty much made makeup in general easily accessible to everyone who wears a costume, including cosplayers. Sometimes the price point is a bit prohibitive but I wouldn't begrudge the companies with the patents to their specialty makeups to give those up just for the sake of bringing costs down.

Honestly the only thing I have ever found about makeup that doesn't work for my cosplay needs is mascara. I want mascara that only colors/darkens without thickening or curling or doing other outrageous girly effects. But someone told me it exists, I'm just looking in all the wrong places for it, so. /shrug

#3 PSY-chan on 3 years ago

I agree fully with Capsule. Everything we need as cosplayers exists somewhere, although some products are trickier to find, and they're more expensive than we like.

@Capsule: Maybelline has both Lash Discovery and Full & Soft in their mascara range. Otherwise, removing excess product from the wand will give you more of a color change than anything.

#4 loz64 on 3 years ago

I would love it if certain makeup products were sold in smaller quantities, like one- or two-time use lipsticks for example. I only wear makeup for cosplay, so a lot of the time I only use foundation/eyeshadow/etc. just a couple times a year then I have to throw out most of it when it expires.

Cheaper prices would be another nice to have.

#5 ShinobiXikyu on 3 years ago

I'm seconding the ability to buy smaller amounts! Probably half the makeup I own is barely if ever worn outside of a few specific cosplays, so it adds up (and goes to waste, eventually) quick.
Also, easier access to really unusual lipstick colours, since when it comes to your average drugstore lipstick varieties they have a grand total of reds, pinks, reddish purples, and mayyyybe some browns or light purples if you're lucky. Specialty makeup shops like M.A.C. or Sephora usually have a BIT more variety, but rarely. All my most striking/not-typical-for-day-wear colours I've had to order online. (Man, I wish that dollar store I used to frequent as a kid was still around... they had a bin of every lipstick colour you could imagine and most were actually very decent quality.)

Oh, and for my boyfriend more than me, but, I'd love to see makeup foundations designed for men that don't have to be specialty-ordered online. I've been able to make regular ladies foundation work on him and he's got no trouble with concealer, but it's still not easy to work with facial hair stubble no matter how small, and then most men aren't so keen on walking into a woman-oriented makeup shop to find their colour to begin with (The Body Shop employees didn't bat an eyelid, especially when I said it was for cosplay, but I could still see the "Oh geez, do I REALLY have to be in here doing this?" look on his face combined with "I have absolutely no idea what's going on".)

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