Need hotel roommate(s)!

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#1 Racemaster7 on 1 year ago

I'm putting a thread here because I'm also looking for someone who needs a hotel room and would be willing to share with me and my friend. Its a 2 bed hotel room so that means a maximum of 3 people in the room by the rules.

Its at the Paramount Hotel literally across the street from the convention. I have it booked for checking in Thursday 13th, checking out Sunday 16th. (The extra night makes it easier and its too late to rebook)

The total price is $600 for all 3 nights. So with 2 people its $300 each. And with 3 people its $200 each. FOR THE WHOLE WEEKEND! They have a breakfast bar included in this.

Please PM me on this website or contact me on skype for questions or interest! Thanks~!