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#1 empressrose on 4 years ago

Hi Everyone!
I'm looking for 3 Female Roommates to join me for SabotenCon2015
The hotel is the America's Best Value Inn Phoenix
It is a 15 minute walk, a 9 minute Bus ride or a 3 minute drive from the convention hotel,and the room includes free parking.
The room also includes continental breakfast and has an in-room microwave/fridge.
The room is booked 4 nights, Thursday Night-Sunday Night with Check Out Monday at 11am
There are two queen beds in room, if you are not okay with sharing a bed please bring something comfortable to sleep on the floor.
The cost is 95 dollars for all four nights
I can cancel the room for free up until Sept 1st but I'd really like to get a group together so if you know people (GIRLS ONLY) who need a room spread the word!

Room Etiquette:
[*]No Drugs/Alchohol AT ALL.
[*]If you are going to be out late please be quiet when you come back
[*]No "extra" people, if you want to hang out with friends do it at the con or outside the hotel room
[*]You must pay your portion before you are allowed in the room, I will not accept payment post-con
[*]You can pay me through paypal or cash on Day 0/1. If you haven't paid by then you surrender your spot
[*]Have fun and be nice! Let's keep this con drama free

If you have any questions please email me: [email][email protected][/email] or message me here at cosplay.com

Melanie aka empressrose

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