Oda Nobunaga (The Fool)

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#1 マルコ on 5 years ago

Hello Cosplay Community!

It's been some time that I wanted to start making my own costume - and now I finally chose to make a Oda Nobunaga cosplay for the next big convention in my country (DoKomi). I want to go to the cosplay ball there.
Unfortunately I have newer sewn and don't know a lot about it. So I think I might need a little help to get things started.
This is my first cosplay and I only got about five months left, hence I might be a little reluctant to make all the pieces myself. But please take a look at what I want to do and tell me what I could change.

Sewing knowledge:
My mother knows a thing or two about sewing, so I got that goin for me...

The character:

The wig
Maybe this one: [url]http://www.aliexpress.com/item/Free-Shipping-2014-The-Fool-Oda-Nobunaga-long-Grey-cosplay-wig-Anime-costume-fashion-party-hair/2024010622.html[/url]

The inner layers:
2x Hapi (Pattern: Folkwear 129) - one in red, one in white; maybe use silk?

The clothing below the jacket:
I think it's a leather armor. Something similiar to [url]https://www.dein-larp-shop.de/ready-for-battle-lederruestung-fighter-schwarz.html?___store=dls_en[/url]
I am thinking about making a commission since I don't know anyone who knows something about leather...

The jacket:
Maybe use denim? I can't find a good sewing pattern... but it should be something like a frock coat, right?

The trousers:
Linen trousers. I might buy those: [url]http://www.bonprix.de/produkt/leinen-hose-n-groesse-weiss-93112195/?typ=PSM&anbieter=Ladenzeile[/url]

The boots:
I got shoe size US14 / EU50 (that's 29-30cm foot length >.>). Any ideas?
If not, I might as well make a commission or take those: [url]http://www.maskworld.com/english/products/costume-shoes/--/men--720/pirate-boots-men-brown--103983[/url]

Thanks a lot for your help!

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