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#1 philosocrates on 3 years ago

Post your Spawn Cosplay here. I am working on my costume right now. I am hoping it will be done before Wizardcon gets to Reno in November.

#2 philosocrates on 3 years ago

Here is a rough up for the shoulders I am working on. I am using a foam base to hold the structure of the cloth I will be using for the cape.[url][/url]

#3 philosocrates on 3 years ago

Cape is done. Also a sneak peak at the muscle suit I'm making. [url][/url]

#4 TK8541 on 3 years ago

Here's mine!

I tagged you in it too.
I made it back when SPAWN first came out.

Good luck!
Yours is looking AMAZING so far!

#5 philosocrates on 3 years ago


Here it is!