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#1 kyitun on 4 years ago

Hello everyone!!! I am rather new to cosplay photography, learning from everything and anything. Yesterday I took pictures of a few cosplayers and had a fun process of taking photos and editing the images. Hope I can get as much critique as possible. I used light room and some photoshop. I am hoping to make and take some beautiful cosplay photos. Would prefer harsh critique, like if it was to dark, bright, contrast and etc and of course nice ones too xD. Thank you guys for your time.

The day was very very sunny, with some clouds, I was trying to take pictures in the shade.


Here is my facebook page:

#2 Tigerpaws on 4 years ago

Hey! These are fun cosplay shots.

However, the editing feels a little too heavy handed. Everyone appears to be glowing- but not in a fun anime way, more of an unnatural way. In your editing, look into color correcting to help get rid of some of the colors that don't seem quite right. I noticed a bit too much green or cyan in some images. Also, try to play with angles.

It looks like you're having a lot of fun, and you should keep shooting and trying new things to help yourself grow and experience the vast possibilities in photography!