Super Smash Bros. Photoshoot + Iwata Tribute + CMV Videoshoot!

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#1 Shadarkness on 3 years ago

Hey guys!

Pretty much a whole "title says it all", but here's the details till the dates get closer and more updates to come!

Every character from Smash Bros. from Nintendo 64 to 3DS/Wii U are welcome! Also during the photoshoot, we plan on having a tribute to the amazing man Satoru Iwata(who has passed away not too long ago) as well. During/before/after the photoshoot, there will be a videoshoot for a Cosplay Music Video for a video I'm working on my main YouTube channel([URL=""]Shadarkness[/URL]) and the project is going to be a "Super Smash Bros. X Attack on Titan" video! It's like taking pieces of the second opening of Attack on Titan and several parts of the anime and replacing the characters with characters from Smash! (Refer to the video references [URL=""]here[/URL] and [URL=""]here[/URL].)

Also, side-characters(such as Doc Louis, Chrom, Dunban, etc.) are welcome to take part in the event too! This'll be fun! Of course, I'll be cosplaying as Roy during the event!

Facebook event page!: [url][/url]

Can't wait to see the cosplays! ^_^


#2 Shadarkness on 3 years ago


There will be TWO photo/videoshoots, one on Saturday and one on Sunday! Both at the times of 3:30 PM and 5:30 PM! If any more updates are planned, I will update once again! Hope to see some awesome Nintendo/Smash Bros. cosplays!