Revolutionary Girl Utena Rose Brides

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#1 UchihaGirl on 4 years ago

So I asked a while back on the FB page, and there was some interest, so I figured I would ask here as well...but we are currently planning a Rose Bride group for the con and we're literally just needing Kozue and/or Wakaba to complete our group of ladies, as our Kozue had to drop due to personal and financial reasons. We've got pretty much everything nailed down for specifics for the colors and patterns we will be using, and we'd love to have a full group is anyone wants to fill the last two spots. Kozue wears a blue dress, and Wakaba, while not pictured, would most likely be a shade of green. Anyone interested in joining us to help complete our group?

A bit about us: We're an awesome group of gals who typically likes to cosplay groups together, and last year we were the group of Sailor Moon Princesses on Sunday. We're pretty chill and we're drama-free, ain't nobody got time for that, and we like to just hang out, take photos and at the end of the day, we relax with some drinks poolside and play CAH. If you're interested, let me know, and I will add you to our group on FB for the Rose Brides.