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#1 EmeraldRay2K on 3 years ago

I noticed there wasn't any thread for Undertale, even though I'm seeing more and more cosplays.
I'm planning on maybe cosplaying Mettaton EX, Frisk, or Chara. I'm starting to lean towards Frisk or Chara now, though.
Anyway, is there anyone else out there who is planning on cosplaying from this game?

#2 KYScosplay on 3 years ago

Definitely plan on Mettaton EX for Katsucon 2016 !

I've already done a lot of thinking on how I'm gonna make it too. I plan for the switch on the back to be flippable (it won't DO anything but...it'll be cool anyway), the dial on the breastplate to be turnable, the heart will light up, and the speaker on the breastplate to play music! Sounds like a lot, but it's definitely do-able.

I've bought a wig and I've found the contacts I want, I just gotta buy em'. I've got everything makeup-wise too. (if anyone wants specifics just ask! I'm happy to help!)

All the fabric I use is gonna be shiny/metallic too, so it looks like I'm made outta metal and all that. I'm gonna use a black shiny catsuit for the base, but I can't figure out where to get a good one and right now that's what I'm struggling with the most. And where to get shiny hot-pink high-heeled knee-high boots. ._.

#3 feferi on 3 years ago

yes!! i'm planning a frisk cosplay. they're so cute, i couldn't resist. the whole game has stolen my heart for sure

#4 Eldi on 3 years ago

I'm going to be cosplaying muffet at a con this spring. I'm going to be part of a group which is exciting. It's the first cosplay I've made in about a year, so I'm happy to have something challenging to work on. The arms are totally new territory for me, but her clothes are totally my style so I'm looking forward to that too!

#5 EmeraldRay2K on 3 years ago

Some of my friends think I would make a good Frisk, so... I'm cosplaying Frisk. Happened to stop by Jo-Ann yesterday and just bought the fabric for the costume, and I just bought the wig. I can't wait to wear it all AAAAAA
I mean, I don't have any conventions that I'm for sure going to until like, the end of February, but whatever. Cosplay is fun on its own too!

#6 Wobniar on 3 years ago

Ooh an Undertale thread!

For an upcoming convention I'll be going as normal "box" Mettaton (If there's a name for that form, I don't remember). I'll probably be wearing Mettaton Ex legs with it or the blue princess dress. I have a few other friends who will be dressing up as other characters as well so it'll be tons of fun to have a group!

Only thing I'm stuck on right now is how I'm gonna make his arms without making them look wonky but I've got time to figure it out

#7 Nishiki on 3 years ago

I have plans for Asriel, he's absolutely precious and I love my goat child. ;w;

#8 sans-fran-frisk on 3 years ago

I'm planning to go as frisk, but inspired by this fanart: [url]http://coolfirebird.deviantart.com/art/Undertale-Poll-Female-Male-570904796[/url] (if the owner approves.)

#9 Scunosi on 3 years ago

Planning on doing Sans and Papyrus for me and my boyfriend. Haven't done a skele-ton of work on it yet but our next con isn't until the end of March which gives us time to work as well as time to get paid and get our annual bonuses/tax refunds. My boyfriend will be Papyrus as it suits his personality better but he'd love to do classic Metatton, too.

I have two friends who are planning on doing Hoives Temmie (after realizing how many Frisks there'd be and how she basically is a Temmie IRL) and Napstablook (original ghost, not fan-robot). I have two other friends that I think would probably like to do something but the one really only does joke/meme cosplays so he isn't sure if anything's really dank enough for him. :P Both of them have only just beaten the first normal route, too, so they haven't seen a lot of the content.

#10 Mikami42 on 3 years ago

I'm going to try to cosplay as Frisk for an anime convention in April. The only hard part about it is the sweater, which I think I'm going to try fabric painting.

#11 Scunosi on 3 years ago

So [URL="http://www.fangamer.com/products/undertale-figurines-series-1"]these [/URL]just got posted for future production. For anyone looking for more detailed reference material these should be quite handy. Also probably going to spark some flame wars between the Slipper and Sneaker Sans camps. I like slippers but...pink?! :P

#12 akiseol on 3 years ago

Currently carting wigs and sweaters, but I can't decide between Frisk or Chara. I don't mind there being an abundance of them. I've found two wigs that would work nicely for both. I would attempt Sans.. But I decided to tone it down to ease myself back into cosplaying, even if it would be rad to wear slippers everywhere and not have to deal with my face and makeup.

I'm leaning heavily towards Frisk and found designs for both characters that I like ( [url]https://cdn.weasyl.com/static/media/55/42/97/554297d3940c40ebe20b3570ad96e040b776d8626e5e45387131634591491b2f.png[/url] ). I like the idea of rubber boots, feels like a kid would most likely wear those. If anyone chooses hiking boots or tennis shoes, that's rad. Everyone has their own "style" of the characters. My cosplay will be loosely based on those designs & I'll be binding my chest to keep them nonbinary. Good luck to you other cosplayers.

#13 Sapphirecatgirl on 2 years ago

I just finished my Mettaton EX cosplay today. :D I just need to order the boots and additional makeup.:o

#14 bo0beary on 2 years ago

Have a fem Sans pretty much done. I'm only having trouble with the tights. White or bones?

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