Megacon 2015 Sailor Moon meet up

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#1 chichan on 5 years ago

Haven't seen this one posted anywhere for 2015, and I've never fully organized a meet, but it would be fun to get everyone cosplaying as characters from Sailor Moon to meet up and take some pictures! We could do the whole group, inner senshi, outer senshi, villians, OTPs, etc!

If you're cosplaying as someone from the Sailor Moon franchise, let's get together! My current plan is to wear Sailor V on Saturday, but I'd be willing to change the day based on other's schedules...

Let me know if you're cosplaying from Sailor Moon and we can get something together!

#2 Tsubomi-chan on 5 years ago

There's actually goon to be a large meetup on Sunday. Here's a link for the Facebook event [url][/url]

#3 chichan on 5 years ago

Oh! Thank you so much! :D

#4 ShiNo_Usagi on 5 years ago

I have a 13 person Sailor Moon group planned for Saturday :) we're doing our group shoot at 11am, though some of the group is changing out afterwards but the rest of us would probably be up for going to a Sailor Moon meetup if it's not too late in the day n.n

#5 brokenhalo on 5 years ago

My GF and I will be at that Sunday gathering as alien Ann and Alan Granger.