One spot left at the Rosen Centre!

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#1 amayaanimenut on 5 years ago

Hello fellow Megacon 2015 attendees! My friend booked the Rosen Centre, which is REALLY close to the convention center a long time ago. Right now, we have one spot left in our room at the Rosen of 6 spots! The other sports are filled by me, my friend who has the room, and 2 other friends plus one of my friend's fiance; so a total of 5/6. We do have some requirements though.
1. We would like the roommate to be female (though we do have one male rooming with us, so please be comfortable with that. He has a fiancee though so there won't be an issue.)
2. Please do no drink or smoke.
3. We have an age limit of 17-24
4. We'd like to get to know you since you will be rooming with us!
The price for the room, once it is confirmed that you will stay with us, is $65.
If you are interested, please PM me and we can start talking. Thank you!