MCR Killjoy Cosplayers Needed!

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#1 notreadytorun on 4 years ago

Hello fellow Killjoys / Metrocon attendees! I am planning on hosting a Danger Days themed panel, and I'm in need of a cast for the panel, otherwise Party Poison will be SOL and completely running the show himself. The more cast members, the more fun it'll be!
So, if you cosplay any of these characters and will be attending Metrocon 2015, please either post here or send me a PM (PM is preferred honestly).
[*]Fun Ghoul
[*]Jet Star
[*]Kobra Kid
[*]Any additional characters: Dr. Death Defying, BL/Ind, etc.
The show must go on, and I'd love to work with fellow MCR cosplayers!