how do you make your senshi costumes?

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#1 Duo2x4 on 6 years ago

i've been going between 2 ways to make a sailor moon costume: either as a regular dress with the "underwear" separate, or making it 1 piece with the skirt and everything as separate pieces... which would you do?

#2 Jei-Cos on 6 years ago

Are you asking just because you are curious about how other do things, or are you asking in order to help you making up your own mind on which to do?

How much do you know about the way they are suppose to be made? As in, if you want it to match the way the uniforms show to be made on in the series, how much of that do you know?

If you are asking for the second reason, doing them the way the screen transformations show, it is a leotard that is much like how a onesie swimsuit looks. then the skirt has that roll on top of it, which is basically the "waistband" of the skirt. Which is connected obviously just above the hip.

#3 Duo2x4 on 6 years ago

i'm looking for a general opinion

#4 Mr. Robot on 6 years ago

I use a standard white leotard and then just attach the rest. It's easier to make that way IMO, and you can reuse the leotard for other senshi since the parts are interchangeable.

The downside is that putting the costume on takes longer and can be difficult to do on your own, but it's worth not having to redo the leotard for as many senshi, or the eternal versions thereof, that you may want to do.

Although, I do actually have two leotards. One is short-sleeved, which is nice to pin the shoulder armor onto, or since it can be kind of annoying, you can just show the sleeves and call it good if you're being lazy on a particular day. The other one is sleeveless, which is useful for Eternal forms because you can just stuff the shoulder piece into the edges. Sleeveless would also be necessary for Pluto, since she has no shoulder armor in her first form.

#5 Duo2x4 on 6 years ago

yeah, i'm leaning more towards the under the skirt part being separate, for easier removal

#6 idleEscapist on 6 years ago

I actually made mine as two pieces, but not the way that you are all suggesting here. I made mine as a leotard with the skirt attached, but with a larger neckline, then I made the bust armor as a separate piece with the sailor collar attached.

Edit: I basically followed this tutorial: [url][/url]

#7 MissMina2 on 6 years ago

Mine are done with a leotard that snaps at the bottom and I just pull it over. All the pieces snap/pin onto it. That way I can change which senshi or version I want to do. Skirts and collars snap. Bows on broach pins.

#8 Duo2x4 on 6 years ago

it was sort of more like a debate with an acquaintance on ways to go about making it.. thanks everyone!

#9 mysticalchali on 5 years ago

I've made many Senshi Fuku over the years. Here are the methods I have used

1) Full bodysuit with removable skirt/collar/bows
2)Full zippered dress with skirt and collar attached as well as panty part of bodysuit being attached
3) Full dress with separate bodysuit bottoms. I ended using Spankies for that. Spankies are cheerleader briefs, not to be confused with Spanx, the things people wear when they don't feel like exercising.

4)All item components are removable/detachable. This is the most practical for washing purposes, especially if you have custom dyed your fabric and are concerned about color bleed out.

I hope that helps. Feel free to PM me if you have any more questions :)

#10 Mama Austria on 5 years ago

I've been playing with different methods of construction, all variants of the Green Pepper Crystal Lake pattern.

I've made a leotard with an attached skirt and hip roll, and attached body armor and shoulder rolls, but I'm also toying with the idea of making a white leotard with skirt and hip rolls separate, and the body armor and shoulder rolls separate, in order to be able to switch between skirts and shoulder accents for say Sailor Moon and Super Sailor Moon.

I always opt for the leotard, in order to keep the seifuku from riding up as I walk, however.