getting into steampunk

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#1 sekitar555 on 5 years ago

hey so i want to get into steampunk and do steampunk costumes for cons, but i dont really know anything about cosplay or steampunk... so is it possible to learn both at once?

btw i do have one steampunk costume but its all store-bought

#2 Dieselpunk on 5 years ago

If you are into Steampunk I suggest that you check out some of the Steampunk forums: brass goggles and the steampunk empire are very good places to get inspiration and advice.

The most basic piece of advice I can provide regarding a Steampunk costume is that you figure out the persona of the character you are portraying: engineer, scientist, airship pirate, explorer, prostitute, barmaid, warrior, explorer, etc.

Mine is an adventurer. I travel to dangerous places so I have a weapon and protective gear (gas mask and goggles). Once you create a backstory to your character you will be able to determine what clothing and accessories would make sense. I would also suggest that you figure out at least the basic geographical information regarding your character - what country are they from? Some of the most creative Steampunk outfits I have seen were influenced by Japanese and Indian culture.