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#1 KittyPryde99 on 5 years ago

So I've been looking for a costume for my next con, and decided that because of my love for Quicksilver in X Men: Days of Future Past, I might as well do him. I found the shirt, pants, shoes, and the wig. My problem now is mostly the jacket. I've been looking online for days trying to find something close enough, but I just can't find anything. Has anyone had better luck with this? Any help with the goggles, utility belt, headphones, or mostly the jacket would be greatly appreciated!

#2 Sammie on 5 years ago

Hmm I've been looking around and the closest thing I can find that looks similar to the jacket is a woman's jacket :/
It's a similar color but it's wrinkled.
headphones appear to be these or something similar. Seems pretty modern for the 70s

they aren't exact but they have the general shape. If you want exact they will need to be colored grey.

#3 setting54 on 5 years ago

what I did for my jacket was I got a pleather jacket from a thrift store, and spray painted it with the spray paint Design Master in Brilliant Silver. it's a spray paint made to be flexible so it doesn't get stiff/crack, and the color is really good. keep in mind that you will need a spray paint seal for after though, because my jacket has not dried on its own yet unfortunately :c sorry for the rambliness of this post, hope it helps!

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