Madness Combat Cosplay

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#1 MrKnight on 6 years ago

Another idea chimed into me since I've got some limited amount of time before my next convention. Some of you are familiar with the newgrounds series, Madness Combat right? Mostly just alot of gun battles and gratuitous violence all mixed into one animation. I want to try making one of Deimos from the series: [url][/url]

Now I've seen some small ones done before but here was my idea for it. I was going to use a gray zentai suit for the body and paint a cross symbol on the face (I'd use a styrofoam head to keep it in place as I paint it on) [url][/url]

I don't know what type of jacket I should get for it though, it's a certain type of trenchcoat but I don't know what. A little help there