Steampunk Celty Sturlson

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#1 Red Jabberwocky on 5 years ago

As my title says, im planning a Celty Sturlson Cosplay.
However, due to the current overwhelming amount of Celty cosplayers, combined with my strange and selfish desire to be a unique little snowflake, Im making a steampunk version.

The main part of her is the helmet and scythe, which are currently in the making. Im changing the color and style of the helmet, but keep the iconic ears and 'S' on it.

What my main concern is the rest of the outfit. Her normal look is a motorcycle jacket and pants. (Though many cosplayers go full catsuit causing much canon related agitation) So I want it to still be viable for a motorcycle, thus making long skirts off limits.
For a top I have been planning [URL="$(KGrHqJHJB!FGnKB5Fr,BR)Oyl!,D!~~60_12.JPG"]$(KGrHqJHJB!FGnKB5Fr,BR)Oyl!,D!~~60_12.JPG[/URL]
And for the bottom I have been deciding between a short skirt and tights, or a pair of pants. Due to lack of sewing skill, these articles of clothing are going to be purchased and very minimally altered.
Skirt thoughts are - [URL="$newht_product_lg$"]$newht_product_lg$[/URL] and [URL="$T2eC16NHJH8E9qSEU55RBRgpcPUKIg~~60_12.JPG"]$T2eC16NHJH8E9qSEU55RBRgpcPUKIg~~60_12.JPG[/URL]

Any thought, advice, critiques are very welcome, this being both my first time making a cosplay as well as first time steampunking something.