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#1 ChibiMai on 5 years ago

I saw that Jam Project will be at Boston this year and I'd love to see them.

What do people normally bring to have them sign if not CDs or paper? We had Nabeshin sign an Excel box set last year but this isn't the same sort of thing (singers vs director). I was thinking of bringing a dragonball poster I have signed by Akira Toriyama for Hironobu Kageyama to sign too, but I am not sure that will ruin the value.

#2 Sayoria on 5 years ago

Posters (If you don't count this as paper)
The AB event booklet (If you don't count this as paper)
T-Shirts (If you don't plan to wear and have one)
CDs (As you said)
DVDs (Their own, or anime they did music to)
Game sleeves/manuals (They did music in)
Magazines they may be featured on
A musical instrument (Maybe like a guitar)
Body parts (Not advisable at a convention)
AB merchandise (Whatever they might have, to label they were there that year)
Con badge (Okay, stretching it here, but I could totally see a die-hard fan without anything to sign offering up their badge ***BACK, not front side***)

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