Haikyuu Panel for Anime PDX (Panelist Needed)

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#1 happycakesrules on 3 years ago

Hey guys! So a friend of mine has been approved for a Haikyuu Panel at Anime PDX in Portland on August 6th. We're desperately seeking cosplayers who'd like to join! (:

The panel starts at 6pm but we plan to meet up 30 minutes before. Panel time runs for 1 hour. We plan to do a few games but the person hosting hasn't finalized which games yet

Characters so far:
Hinata | Suga | Kenma | Kuroo | Oikawa
Lots of characters we still need and genderbend is OK (:

#2 TaraEve on 3 years ago

---- Sorry I misread! I thought you meant Newcon PDX in December! Ignore me :"0

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