Who's going to Wondercon?

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#1 Khaloghi on 3 years ago

I'm thinking about going to wondercon this year, but was wondering if it was a popular/good con to go to ^^

#2 CosmicMadman on 3 years ago

I'm going to Wondercon this year and it's a really popular/awesome con to go to! It's known for being held in Anaheim but this year it's in LA. I've been going for three years and it's still fun, no matter how many times I go.

#3 DiscoGlacier on 3 years ago

I very likely will, either on Friday or Sunday (due to volunteer service). I've been looking at cosplay gatherings, but not having them all listed in a section makes it annoying (I've been searching through Facebook's events tab). Nonetheless, I hope someone makes a Studio Ghibli or Madoka Magica gathering, for I will be cosplaying as characters from either/both those franchises.

#4 ZATZAi on 3 years ago

Looking forward to it myself. The Los Angeles Convention Center is very well lit with huge open windows throughout the halls, making lighting a little easier to deal with. Very metalic though, not much green around (Though there is some).

#5 ayaasan on 3 years ago

I'll be there all three days :) Not too jazzed about the move to LA since additional travel and hotel costs in LA cut into spending money (I'm not even dealing with parking and just taking the train), and I'm also more inclined to like any place that has Disneyland/Downtown Disney across the street :P

I'll be wearing two older improved costumes (Rita Skeeter and Jane Porter) and three new costumes (Once Upon a December Anastasia, Officer Jenny, and Debbie Jellinsky). I also designed a 1940's inspired Star Wars themed cocktail dress that I'm pretty excited to debut. I'd love to run into some characters from the same series :D

#6 shadowbuster44 on 3 years ago

I will be there only Friday. Debating on whether to do my Matt Murdock or Hawkeye cosplay.

#7 TheKaitoBLUE on 3 years ago

Yup! I'll be going all three days and cosplaying as Alphys from Undertale.

#8 stiffkick80 on 3 years ago

I'll be there Saturday and Sunday as Alexander Hamilton. :)

#9 monodistortion on 3 years ago

I was on the fence about going since I don't have any friends that go to these things. But now it's already sold out!

Do cosplayers hang out outside for the gatherings? I was hoping to go to photograph people so would it be worth it to go without a pass?

#10 mysterytwinz on 3 years ago

We are planing on going on the Saturday and Sunday. Saturday we will be in our Frisk and Chara cosplays and Sunday we will be in our Dipper and Mabel cosplays.

#11 salvagedsword on 3 years ago

I'll be there on Friday, but I'm not sure what I'll be wearing yet.

#12 Brookili on 2 years ago

ill be going! it'll be my third year in a row! ill be cosplaying neptune from hyperdimenison neptunia on saturday and idk what ill be doing on friday and sunday ^^"

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