First Crossplay, Help please?

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#1 Luli QwQ on 2 years ago

Heya, I need help for do my first Crossplay, it'll be of Hughes ..but... I don't know what to do with my hair X'D and with my voice (well this isn't necessary I can no talk) (?? but I need to do something with my hair, but I don't want to cut it ;; if someone can help me, thanks uwu

(sorry for my bad english,but I need help ;-;)

#2 Killerangel666 on 2 years ago

You need to go to the crossplay forum on here, there's tons of tutorials and if you have further questions they would be better answered on there.

#3 StarsOfCassiopeia on 2 years ago

[URL=""]Crossplay subforum is here[/URL]. :)

Another suggestion for more useful help: post a picture of the character you're cosplaying. I have no idea who Hughes is, or what he's from, let alone what version you're doing.

If you're wondering specifically about hair, we also have [URL=""]a subforum for that[/URL]. Sounds like you don't want to change your normal hair, so maybe consider getting a wig?