Photoshoot Schedule for NDK 2016

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#1 SetsukoSenpai67 on 2 years ago

Going off the Facebook post. The photoshoots sessions are 30 minutes and the backdrops are 8 ft x 6 ft which are not suitable for large groups. They will be held in the old lobby between 7-11 and Zoup! on the tower side of the hotel. Here is the most current schedule along with times and themes. This schedule is subject to change. You can also request a photoshoot in a open time.

Friday (starting at 3:00 PM)
3:00 Naruto
3:30 RWBY
4:00 Adventure Time
4:30 Pokemon
5:00 Card Captor Sakura
6:00 Bleach
6:30 Sailor Moon
7:00 Boku no Hero Academia
7:30 Part Four Photos (?)
8:00 Gravity Falls

Saturday (Starting at 12:00 PM)
12:00 My Little Pony
1:00 Steven Universe
1:30 Hetalia
2:00 Fire Emblem
2:30 One Piece
3:00 Final Fantasy/Kingdom Hearts
3:30 Persona
4:00 Overwatch
4:30 Love Live
5:00 Naruto (Akatsuki Organization)
7:00 Osumatsu-San

Sunday (Starting at 10:30 am)
10:30 Attack on Titan
11:00 Miraculous Ladybug
1:00 Dangan Ronpa
1:30 Dragon Ball Z
2:00 Ouran High School Host Club